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Book Reviews

From PM Professional Marketing April 2009, the worldwide journal for marketing professional services from the PM Forum:

I chose to read on in the strong belief that Vivienne’s experience of over 20 years of working with a wide range of professionals must surely be worth the effort.  In fact it proved to be an effortless read.”  “Audiences such as professionals in smaller practices…professionals who are aspiring to seniority or ownership and want to gain a wider understanding of how practice growth can be achieved..would all find this a useful overview.  ….as an accessible checklist of the elements in the growth process that need to be covered, the book is a useful one to have on your shelf“.

From PSF Journal March 2009 (published in association with Australian Professional Services Marketing Association):

“Very little has been written on marketing strategies specifically for PSFs… so it was refreshing to find this readily digestible How-to guide by local expert Vivienne Corcoran…The book’s strength lies in its ability to summarise what a reader may know intuitively, and present it in a way that lends itself to the development of an actionable plan…Corcoran’s writing style makes for an easy, light-hearted read, with plenty of entertaining anecdotes.”

Book Launch

Marketing Logic has launched a new book that includes all of the easy-to-follow steps to grow your business…

Scope Annual Report wins Award

Marketing Logic was pleased to be acknowledged by the respected Australasian Reporting Awards, when the 2005-2006 Scope Annual Report was announced the winner of a Bronze Award in the Not-for-Profit Sector category at a presentation ceremony in Melbourne.

This pleasing result followed on from the Communications Award we received for the 2004-2005 Scope Annual Report, also by the Australasian Reporting Awards.

We are very pleased to have been given the opportunity to work with Scope, and hope we can continue to work with this remarkable organisation into the future.



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