New Privacy Laws

Written by Vivienne Corcoran Tuesday, 11 March 2014 13:17

New Privacy Laws take place from March 12 2014.

Are you affected?

The new laws affect:

  • Any private sector business (including a sole proprietor) that:
    • has an annual turnover of more than $3 million OR
    • collects or discloses personal information for a benefit, service or advantage (irrespective of turnover); OR
    • provides a health service and holds health information (irrespective of turnover)(s 6D); and
  • all credit providers and credit reporting agencies
  • most Commonwealth, ACT and Norfolk Island government departments and agencies
  • service providers under Commonwealth government contracts where the contract obliges compliance with the Act
  • foreign businesses with an ‘Australian Link’ under some circumstances

What should you do?

•  Have a look at your data collection and handling practices. Why are you collecting customer information, what are you collecting, how much information do you need and where are you collecting it?  Review and document.

• Make sure you have a privacy policy - it is compulsory. The policy must include how an individual can complain about a breach and how you will deal with it. You have to be able to show customers any information you have about them if they ask about it.

• Make sure you understand the ‘notification’ requirements and ensure you have processes in place to comply.

• Check your IT security to make sure you have measures in place to prevent privacy breaches. If you use cloud storage services, there’s a whole new set of requirements to follow about how you store, manage and secure your data.   There is a new requirement for an agency or business to notify a person whether it is likely to disclose that person’s personal information overseas.

• Designate one of your team to be a privacy officer who staff can go to when they have questions about your privacy policy and who can answer consumer enquiries about the policy. All staff need to be aware of the laws and your company’s privacy obligations.


Getting Your Practice Known

Written by Vivienne Corcoran Sunday, 09 March 2014 12:26

If you want more people to know about your practice - come and join my session at the LIV on Getting Your Practice Known


Beware the skills matrix

Written by Vivienne Corcoran Friday, 21 February 2014 14:56

Something I learnt this week in my role on a board Nominations Committee - a skills matrix is a great tool for determining what skills you are looking for in new candidates - provided you have included the skills you need for the period of the appointment.  Most skills matrices include the standard and important skill sets: governance, financial, IT, commercial etc. but if you have some major projects or strategic initiatives planned, then they need to be added to the matrix or your well balanced board will still not be able to deliver.  We managed to add those requirements and hopefully the next round of appointments will bear fruit.


Business Development & Client Engagement

Written by Vivienne Corcoran Wednesday, 05 February 2014 10:37

If you did not get to come to "Build the Practice You Want" last week, it is not too late to get started on your goals for 2014.  The next seminar in the series is Business Development and Client Engagement, on next Monday 24th February @ 1pm in case anyone wants to attend.  Another very hands on practical session where you can get some tips on working with your clients on building your practice.  Held at the LIV in Bourke Street Melbourne, but open to professionals of all types, this is a really practical and interactive session.  Come along!


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