Growing Your Professional Practice

By Vivienne Corcoran, Director and founder, Marketing Logic.

This is the must-have ‘how to’ manual for all professional practices. With practical advice, relevant case studies and access to useful templates and tools, no business professional should be without this book.

Contents include:

  1. Planning
    Business plan, strategic plan, marketing plan: whatever you call it, you must have one – a picture of what you want to achieve and then some simple steps to get there.
  2. Setting goals
    Define your values: describe your firm’s “personality” as if it were a person. Then you have the foundation to build your goals – where you want to go.
  3. Client relationships - available as a complimentary sample
    Your clients are partners in your future: they define your practice and how others see you. Make sure you know all there is to know about them.
  4. Your target market
    When you have your values, your goals and you know what your clients think of you, use what you know about them to drive your search for new business.
  5. Looking outside – external analysis
    Know what your competitors are doing and what is coming over the horizon.
  6. Looking inside – internal resources
    Use the skills and experience of your staff as a business resource – identify who is good at what and make sure the systems are in place to support them.
  7. Brand and positioning
    The secret weapon for services is trust: brands are critical, because they help services overcome the challenge of being something you can’t touch or see.
  8. Marketing tools
    The first communications you have with potential clients are critical: make sure they clearly establish the values and ‘personality’ of your firm.
  9. Business development
    Now you know what you want to promote and your target markets, use the resources of your staff and existing clients to grow your business.
  10. Exploit IP
    The value of your business may be between your ears, but you need to take a structured approach to protecting it, using it and maximising its worth.
  11. Client communication
    Communication is a substantial part of your value to clients. Know what they want, when and how they want it – and don’t raise expectations you can’t meet.

Sample Chapter

Download a sample chapter and see what you think - Growing your practice through successful client relationships

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Additional Resources available for purchase are available in Downloads.

If you are looking for some marketing and business templates, I have attached some of the most popular on the Downloads page.  If there is anything specific you are looking for, drop me an email and wherever possible, I will load what you need on the Downloads page.


Download this file (GYPP Sample Chapter 3.pdf)Growing your practice with successful client relationships[Complimentary sample chapter]2257 Kb
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