Marketing Logic offers an extensive range of strategic marketing and communication services including:

  • Strategic facilitation of senior management, board and partner meetings, brain storms and strategic planning.
  • Strategic marketing including market definition, business plans, marketing plans, target audience research and development.
  • Structural, organisational and governance reviews to ensure structures support and enable the strategic direction
  • Marketing and Business Development direction and management to augment your current staff, provide an external view of performance and effectiveness, help move the organisation to another level
  • Client service reviews - to confirm the value of the services provided to the client so we can continue to improve.
  • Corporate planning and advice including partnership structures, business planning and development, strategic planning and workshops, tenders, client service.
  • Coaching and mentoring for board members, partners, directors and marketing management
  • Corporate or CPD Training on a wide range of topics including:
    • Business Development Skills and Planning
    • Setting Personal and Professional Goals
    • Growing your Business/Helping Build the Business you are in
    • Simple Business Planning
    • Improving your Practice Profit
    • Handling Complaints
    • Excellent Customer Service
    • Marketing Yourself
    • Working in Teams
    • Creating good PR
    • Identifying Value
    • Client Listening
    • Crisis and Reputation Management
  • Corporate identity and brand management including brand reviews, revitalisation, brand and transition strategy and visual identity guidelines, intranets and manuals.
  • Organisational change management including strategic planning, organisational alignment, process drivers and owners,
  • Communications including internal (planning, staff newsletters, bulletins, etc), and external (public relations, roadshows), website review and improvement.
  • Financial communications and advice including mergers, acquisitions and divestments, shareholder agreements and negotiations, annual reports.
  • Mediation and facilitation

Marketing Logic can assist organisations in many ways and become a valuable resource on which to draw.

Often an external brain can focus those inside on the job at hand and get things moving when they slow down.

Marketing Logic can also assist in overload situations where professionals may not have the time or in situations where the necessary expertise is not available within the organisation.

Marketing Logic understands the dynamics of partnerships and privately owned businesses where the diversity of the principals is both a strength and a complication. We have helped firms of engineers, lawyers, accountants, actuaries, IP professionals and other professional services providers to grow and prosper.


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